Drinking Water Quality Testing

Asia Regional Introduction to Drinking Water Quality Testing

2024-07-15 - 2024-08-09
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In order to fully participate in this course, you will need a computer/laptop/smartphone/tablet with internet access.
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This course is open to anyone in the Asia and South Pacific Regions. The ideal participants are those who are working in water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH), community development, or health projects seeking knowledge on drinking water quality testing. 
This course was designed for humanitarian and development workers and community health workers who do not have experience with water quality testing. You may not have access to laboratory equipment or services, but do have access to a portable test kit, or you just want to learn about water quality testing. 
This course will introduce you to the components of a 'typical' water quality field test kit, and get you started on how to use the equipment. This online course includes: basic information on water quality, interactive e-learning modules, quizzes and links to supplementary resources to help you test the quality of drinking water under field conditions.
While this course won’t allow you to become an expert, it will help you get familiar with water quality testing and with your kit!