Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage

Introduction to Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage

2023-10-16 - 2023-10-17
Host Organization:
Research and Development without Borders
Event Cost:
10,000 XAF
There are no prerequisites for this course. Applicants working for organizations directly implementing WASH and community development projects will be prioritized.
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This workshop provides an introduction to drinking water quality, the Multi-Barrier Approach to safe drinking water, household water treatment and safe storage (HWTS) options, behaviour change, and implementation best practices. 

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:
  • Define safe drinking water
  • Identify risks to water safety from the source to a user’s glass
  • Propose multiple barriers (behaviours and technologies) that reduce risks from unsafe drinking water
  • Describe when and where HWTS solutions are most likely to be appropriate and effective
  • Evaluate the benefits and limitations of different HWTS options
  • Work with users to select appropriate HWTS options for a specific context
  • Propose strategies to support behaviour change (towards correct, consistent, and continued use of HWTS systems)
  • Describe considerations that increase the likelihood of sustained impact through HWTS